Shopping Spree at Anthropologie

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Wow, I really didn’t mean to rhyme that title, but if does sound cool. The other day I got to take a break from the cookie world and spent the afternoon with friends. We stopped at one of my favorite places for lunch. It’s called Terrain. If you are not from the area (West Chester, PA) you probably won’t be too familiar with the place. It’s owned by the same people of Anthropologie and Urban Outfitter, but they focus on gardening and outdoor decor. They also have the most delicious cafe where you come nom nom on some local favorites (mine being the terrain burger and truffle fries). The picture below shows the most beautiful bass bottles from Terrain. I wanted to buy them all.

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Anyways, after lunch we decided to take a stroll through Anthropologie. If you have been following me on Instagram, you know my obsession with this store runs deep. If you are new to the blog, well, you’ll see. So my stroll turned into “I want to buy everything” and I almost did. I ended up buying gold dipped ceramic measuring spoons with anchors at the end, a lime green winks and whims notebook, tortoise shell readers, an ivory pen, gold timer, and a pink glass cup. We should definitely not talk about how much I paid for everything because it was a little excessive for a college student, but I have already gotten a lot of use out of them. Yay!

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