Flamingo Fun

Right around the time of the Lily for Target craze, I made these adorable flamingo cookies. This was one of the first times I created a fairly large cookie without a cookie cutter. I  created a template of the shape I wanted and then used a pizza cutter to achieve the straight lines. It went surprisingly well, but definitely time consuming. I can’t imagine doing a couple dozen of these. The next step was flooding the cookies in white, so I could paint the jungle leaves on. This was fun because I mixed different green food colorings to make the dark greens, lime greens and kelly greens.

FullSizeRender copy 8

Once the food coloring set and dried, I began sketching flamingos. Flamingos may seem easier than you think, but one small mistake can totally transform the flaming into a weird looking  elephant. They are such recognizable animals that I wanted to make sure I got it perfect. I began mixing the perfect shades of flaming pink and created my cookies. I should have waited a little longer (I’m so impatient) because my poor flamingo legs started to bleed (well icing wise). They still turned out super cute and they would make the perfect cookie for a summer party.

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