Donut Mind if I do

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I have a soft spot for cookies that look like other foods, so donuts are no exception. I knew that National Donut Day was quickly approaching and I had no donut cookies in my gallery. The thing I love about donuts is that you can play with sprinkles. Yay! To achieve these scrumptious cookies, I took my medium-sized cookie cutter. I cut the circles out and then went back in with my smaller circular cookie cutter to create the donut holes. (side note- I should have made donut hole cookies, ugh.) In order to ice these cookies and make sure they resembled a donut, I used a 20-second icing and created an uneven, wavy texture on the cookie. While the icing was still wet, I added the sprinkles to certain cookies. I had to let the others dry before I could add the drizzle. The drizzle was made from a watered-down icing. I had dipped a fork into the drizzle icing and then basically splatter painted the cookie. It was theraputic. Happy National Donut Day (whenever you are).

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