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In order to achieve the most delicious sugar cookie dough and royal icing, I rely heavily on my kitchen aid mixer. When I first started making cookies, I was using (probably breaking) my mom’s ancient kitchen aid mixer. We both agreed that I needed my very own mixer as I started getting larger orders. Flashback to Christmas 2014 and my mom surprised me with my very own yellow five quart Kitchen Aid Mixer. It was awesome! Until I found out that some parts were missing. We returned the mixer and a few weeks later I recieved the second yellow five quart mixer. I was thinking, “Awesome, now I can make more dough and save some time.” Unfortunately, that didn’t work out so well. I could still only make one batch of dough that would only yield 3 dozen cookies. Then, the night from hell happened. I had been working on these intricate Mother’s Day cookies all day. It was around midnight when I finished and I decided to carry the cookies to the island to dry. But of course, clumsy Meghan can’t walk 10 feet to move a tray of cookies without dropping the tray and breaking every single cookie. Let’s just say there were  certain words flying  in the nutmeganhoneybee kitchen. So I had to make more dough at 1 am only to find out that my new yellow five quart mixer would not mix. I had to resort to my mom’s ancient mixer to finish the batch and find some sanity. Needless to say we took the mixer back and I ordered an icy blue four quart Kitchen Aid mixer. This mixer has been much more reliable and caused less panic attacks. Woo!

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Another fun baking item I rely on is my light blue, siliccon spatula. I found this little gem at Target and have used it for scraping the cookie dough out of the mixer and distributing icing into various bowls. Why can I never not buy something at Target? It’s becoming a problem.

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