Agate Sugar Cookies

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The agate sugar cookies have to be my all time favorite works of art. I say ‘works of art’ because I can never actually get myself to eat one of these gems. In fact, I have about eight of these cookies just hanging out in my room as cookie decor. The technique itself is simple and quick, but the result is extremely detailed. In order to achieve the perfect agate looking cookie, I start by baking my sugar cookies using a circle cookie cutter. Once they have cooled, I take scissors and make uneven cuts around the edges. The next step may seem hard, but stay with me. I make my white 20 second-icing and flood the entire surface of the cookie. Next, I take a medium/small sized paintbrush, dip it into the color of choice, and begin making circular motions in the wet icing. This creates depth and allows the icing to blend well. Remember there is no perfect way of achieving this look because agates are beautiful for their imperfections. The last step is to add silver sprinkles around the edge of the cookie to create the rock effect. Once you have mastered this, these cookies will only take you a few minutes to complete. Woo! If you try to make these cookies on your own, tag me on Instagram (@nutmegandhoneybee) so I can see the results!



The agate cookies are some of my most recognized cookies, so every now and then I do a giveaway on my Instagram account. Follow me @nutmegandhoneybee for your chance to win!

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I was also lucky enough to send my agate cookies to Gemma Styles who perfectly captured the cookies next to her own agate. I mean amazing, right? She was such a gem (hehe) to work with and even set me up with some fun jobs!


We love the agates!

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  1. Just found you on instagram. Had to come find your blog to be sure you would be okay if I recreated your work (well, tried to anyway). I am in love with these agate cookies! I cannot wait to try them. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful artwork. I will be sure to tag you if they are a success.

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